Flash on My iPad and iPhone? Don’t Mind if I Do!


Flash on My iPad and iPhone? Don’t Mind if I Do! » Web 2.0 Blog.

My good friend Borzou (@bronxzou) at Falcon Printing put this posting up recently on the Web 2.0 blog and I thought I’d reprint it here – great thoughts my friend!


I’m a firm believer that Apple is winning the 21st century’s smart phone wars. There’s no question that the iPad is dominating the tablet market by what is actually a completely embarrassing margin.

I’ve owned recent Blackberry, Android and iPhone models, and can honestly say that iOS is best operating system out there. Android sells more phones; car dealers sell more Hondas than Porsches, but which would you rather have? The single biggest complaint about iOS has always been that the browser doesn’t support Flash. I have good news: now it does. I have bad news: now it does.

There are several reasons Apple didn’t want to support Flash on iOS devices. They could have. Steve Jobs could have flipped the switch whenever he wanted. Truthfully he never anticipated the competition would offer it that quickly, or that they would even want to. The truth is, Flash sucks. It’s full of security holes, massively unreliable and a resource hog. It’s a lightweight video player that Adobe shoved down programmers throats. Apple made its choice for the right reasons (Steve’s reasons here), but that didn’t stop Google from pretending it had a competitive advantage by supporting it (it doesn’t, Flash still sucks).

Apple’s share of the smart phone and app marketplace was too much for Adobe to miss out on, though, so last week they announced their Flash Media Server 4.5. The good news is you’ll finally have flash on your iPhone without wasting your resources. Flash built into your iPad or iPhone wastes battery and memory. It’s generally a miserable experience on Android devices. What Adobe has done is basically converted the Flash before sending it your device, thus both saving your device and giving you what you need.

The bad news is (did you forget there was bad news?): each website is going to have to update to version 4.5 before it works. So, nothing yet. Also it only supports Flash video, so you won’t see any Flash apps coming through Safari. You can get all the apps you need through the App Store; as you may or may not know, there’s usually an app for that.

To be honest, though, all my favorite sites have already converted and are offering all their video in an iOS compatible format. Frankly if your blog, site, video, or online project isn’t iOS compatible, I don’t care about it, because I don’t believe you do.

The iPhone 5 will be out next month, which is all I really care about right now. No, I’m not eligible for an upgrade. Yes, I’m going to upgrade.

Borzou Azabdaftari

Borzou is managing partner of Falcon Printing & Copying, a full-service printing and graphic design company in Tysons Corner, VA. His company focuses on building relationships and delivering the highest quality print materials, from poster to invitations to business stationery, to their clients. Passionate about printing to a fault, Borzou eats, breathes, and sleeps paper and ink, and his rare combination of intellectual curiosity, technical savvy, creativity, and interpersonal skills have transformed him from a print service provider only into a branding consultant as well.

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