Agent 007 at 44Doors!


I’m absolutely STOKED to be joining the team at 44Doors here in Austin. They had a total of six people before I joined, so I guess that makes me employee #007.

Who Are We?  We’re a profitable, bootstrapped, Austin-based Mobile Marketing technology company with over 1600 customers – Coca Cola, Reebok, the Green Bay Packers, Bank of America, Travelocity, ADP, Fidelity and Kendall-Jackson to name a few!

What is 44Doors?  It’s at least the number of doors open to customers for brand-life interaction these days.  Our tagline is: “Capture the Mobile Moment.”   We help SMBs and the world’s largest brands to plan, build, deploy and track mobile marketing campaigns with target audiences that are on the go!

But what do you do?  Give me an example (Kendall Jackson Use Case) Good question.  Here’s an example: There are currently 3 million bottles of wine around the globe with our digitized hangtags. Ever seen those pixilated squares?  They’re called QR codes (quick response).  They bridge the offline and online worlds by taking otherwise static objects or impressions and making them interactive and traceable with the Internet.  We enable wine customers to scan a QR code using their smart phone to learn more about the bottle, the winery, suggested recipes, etc.  With a point and a click, customers launch a YouTube video, opt-in to a newsletter, like the brand on Facebook, re-tweet, redeem a coupon, etc. In turn, brands like Kendall Jackson can customize and point the traffic to landing sites based on geography, day of week, time of day, device type or history with the customer. If the wine bottle could spontaneously talk 1-to-1 with the unique person on the go, what would the CMO have it say?  That’s the power we give to Kendall-Jackson.

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