44Doors on the Hallmark Channel During Billy Ray Cyrus Christmas Movie


We at 44 Doors are excited to reveal a partnership we’ve recently forged with Hallmark Channel.  Until recently, television viewers were in a position to only consume content from networks and advertisers. Now, with technology such as QR codes (Quick Response codes), viewers are in a position where they can not only view content, but also interact with it in real-time using their mobile phones.

Through our Capture platform, Hallmark Channel was able to create a microsite that gives viewers the ability to stream exclusive video content from country music superstar, Billy Ray Cyrus.  Cyrus will give his fans an exclusive gift this holiday season through Hallmark Channel and 44Doors by offering a free music video download via QR code of a new, original song  “Home”.

via 44Doors Tapped by Hallmark Channel to Deliver Interactive, Multimedia Experience During Billy Ray Cyrus Christmas Movie « 44Doors.

To scan the Billy Ray Cyrus QR code, use any preferred QR code reader or text SCAN to 44040 to download the free Scanlife app available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Want a sneak peek before tonight?!  Test the code above.

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