Startup Company Swiss Army Knife


In thinking about what to put up as my farewell post to 2011, I stumbled across Tom Eisenmann’s post on his blog Platforms and Networks: Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2011. He has compiled what he thinks are the best of 2011’s posts on managing startups. After looking over this content, I had to tip my hat and just direct you to this list.

It’s definitely the best way I can say thank you for reading me this year – more great stuff to come in 2012!

His exhaustive list includes the following topics:
Lean Startup
Business Models
Naming a Startup
Demand Generation and Optimization
PR Strategy
Viral Marketing
Sales Management
Business Development
Funding Strategy
Are We in a Bubble?
Founder Issues
Recruiting and HR Policy Issues
Board Management
Management Advice
Startup Failure
The Startup Mindset and Coping with Emotional Pressures
Career Planning Issues
Tools for Entrepreneurs

Click here for the original source and all the links. Have fun browsing! If you think an article you read recently belongs here, please use the comments section below. Happy New Year!

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