Curious Consumers Begin Scanning QR Codes


Top reason to scan was to find out what would happen

Half of smartphone users have now scanned a QR code at least once, according to research from Chadwick Martin Bailey, but findings suggest marketers have still not proven their value to consumers.

As QR codes pop up in more places, awareness of them is growing, and many users seem to learn what they do before learning what they are called. Chadwick Martin Bailey found that while just 21% of internet users surveyed had heard of QR codes before, more than four in five knew one when they saw one.

QR codes are becoming hard to miss, even for those without a smartphone. Data from mobile marketing firm Nellymoser indicates that well over 90% of the top 100 magazines in the US have featured at least one mobile barcode since May 2011; as recently as November 2010, just 9% had. The proportion of ad pages in those magazines that now feature mobile barcodes hovers around 5%.

via Curious Consumers Begin Scanning QR Codes – eMarketer.

One thought on “Curious Consumers Begin Scanning QR Codes

  1. I see this as a growing trend as well in many different uses at my day job as well as with more and more venues, bands, and a variety of other “outside” of work things I’m involved with. Keep up the blogging. You always post relevant content!

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