A Look Back at …


To pick just one example of a truly revolutionary model that reshaped the industry, let’s look at the Nokia 1100. This phone debuted in 2003 and went on to sell more than 200 million units. It was a landmark model because it packed a remarkable combination of functionality into a 93-gram phone that cost around $80. The 1100 featured 400 hours of standby time despite its tiny size, a hugely important factor for households with spotty access to electricity. It offered advanced messaging features, ringtone composing and games. This was a device that helped turn the mobile phone into the most important consumer electronics product in the world by making it affordable, extremely durable and useful beyond voice calls.

A Look Back at the Global Mobile Phone Revolution

Unlike with the personal computer or the video game console, you simply cannot review the history of the mobile phone without a global perspective. There are 6 billion mobile subscribers in the world.

via American mobile phone history revision criticism | BGR.

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