Day 1 of the Lords Of Leisure Trek West


So today I took the first leg of a trip I’ve been wanting to take since I was in college – to ride out to the Pacific Ocean on a motorcycle. A couple weeks ago I heard my friend Bling Johnson was planning on taking that exact trip and I invited myself along. #booyah


We had planned to leave this morning at 10, but Bling realized his bike was leaking around the main gasket so that repair took the morning and early afternoon to fix. As a helpful friend, I decided to let him work on that himself and hit up my friend Ashlee’s pool party – just to give him space to work, of course.


By the time we actually hit the road, it was 3:30pm.

First stop was Luckenbach TX to see Abbey Road and have one of their legendary pulled pork sandwiches. We got lost in conversation with her and before you knew it – it was 6pm.


Once we passed Fredericksburg, it’s only another 40 miles or so until you hit Interstate 10 where the speed limit is a whopping 80 MPH!! Of course that wasn’t fast enough for us, so we laid the hammer down and went 70 miles at 110. We saw a sign that said “El Paso 430” – and I screamed at Bling over the engine roar “We’ll be there in 4 hours!”

Alas – that wasn’t to be the case. We quickly found out that at the higher RPM’s we were pulling, our gas mileage plummeted. We barely coasted into a gas station in Sonora before going completely dry – and decided that perhaps 80 was a perfectly fine speed after all.

As we passed Bakersfield, TX, we began to see a ridiculously amazing lightning storm off in the distance. The lights from Fort Stockton started to be visible and the storm was playing around right on the edge of town. Rather than go all the way to El Paso, we decided to stay at the Comanche Motel in Fort Stockton tonight.


After drinking beers in her parking lot for an hour, Carrie the owner said Bling Johnson and I were a combination of Beavis and Butthead & Dumb and Dumber.

I can’t decide whether that’s Beavis and Dumber or Dumb and Butthead …

Oh yeah, and on her recommendation, we decided to skip El Paso and do a trek through Carlsbad and White Sands in New Mexico. She’s even coming riding with us tomorrow on our leg up to Pecos.

I love traveling without an itinerary šŸ™‚ Stay tuned for the next installment…

2 thoughts on “Day 1 of the Lords Of Leisure Trek West

  1. Sandra Thomison

    love the blogs! you two are making us left behind part of your journey. you are the bees knees!! Ride on ! Ride on !! xx

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