LOL Trek West Day 4: Swimming Pools and Fancy Drinks


Waking up in a bed full of pillows and high thread-count sheets is a decadent pleasure that one can only TRULY value after being on a hot bike for 3 days straight. My amazing friend Cerrie G “The Cerr-Bear” was so gracious to give us her house for 2 days. This stopover was definitely one of the most needed rests I’ve had in a LONG time.


First stop of the day was the Wildflower Bread Company where our friend Jared had left us an open tab. Free breakfast is the kind of thing I’d like to start every day off with if I could – it just puts me in a great mood and reminds of childhood in some distant way…

After getting some work done, we hopped on the bikes to do some good old-fashioned “Pool Pirating”. Cerrie had drawn us a map of one of the nearby resorts so we knew exactly how to storm the castle. Our target: Montelucia


Her trick of going not through the main entrance, but actually through the service entrance that the cabana girl use to deliver your drinks? Totally worked. In no time, I was poolside, sipping on a Mai Thai and getting some much needed sun on my legs for a change.


After filming the sequence you see above – and if you haven’t watched it, you need to – we headed back into town to freshen up for the evening. There’s a patio bar called The Yard where we got the party started, and then moved on to the Merc Bar. There are some crazy stories I could tell you from the Merc Bar, but unfortunately what happens in Phoenix has to stay in Phoenix this time. All I can say is that it revolved around a pleasantly-inebriated black man, some champaign cocktails and a cluster of semi-hot cougars. Use your imagination.


2 thoughts on “LOL Trek West Day 4: Swimming Pools and Fancy Drinks

  1. I can only imagine the FANCY that you all are getting to see going through town after town! I love the special that is found in small towns! Keep blogging all the fantastic finds you discover, they’re great. You two are obnoxiously sweet trying to help me on my search for a grade A guy…I owe you some hugs! That being said, please do not forward any responders my way…k thanks, love y’all!

  2. Haven’t been to the Merc in years. probably since I vomited from entirely too many Cosmos. Haven’t had one since but yes many good times there. All of the opposing basketball teams stay at the Ritz Carlton next to there so ran into lot’s of those guys and Olympic swimmer Gary Hall Jr. I’m glad you had good guides in the Arcadia area instead of stereotypical Scottsdale

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