LOL Trek West Day 5+6: Beaches and Movie Stars


My friend Ashley got on me this morning. “I never read blogs and I can’t believe I’m telling you this – but UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!”

Sorry for the delay guys – the last few days have really blown by. I’m going to consolidate Day 5 and 6 because there’s really nothing to report on Day 5 at all. Except that Will Smith is completely underrated in “After Earth”. The scorching 115 degree heat leaving Phoenix was just too much to handle, so we hid out in a movie theater on the outskirts of town and waited for dark. Talk about a couple of hard-core bikers …


We crashed for the night in Palm Springs and rolled out bright and early the next morning to hit Santa Monica by 11am. Deciding to take the more scenic 60 into LA rather than stay on 10 was a huge winner of a decision – there’s really nothing like zipping into the cool mountainous LA valley after being in the heat of the desert; and the thrill of going 90 miles an hour along with a thousand other vehicles who don’t care a hoot about the speed limit was an experience I’ll never forget. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet so I was perfectly safe the entire time; even with the lane splitting.


Hitting the Pacific Ocean after several days of desert and heat was so fulfilling. It was like a big “We made it!!” for both of us. Not even because we thought we’d never make it or anything – but just because we had been talking about it for so long – to anyone who would listen. “We’re headed to the Pacific, baby!!” is something nearly every gas station attendant along the way had heard for 5 days.


We rode up the PCH to Malibu, then turned up Mulholland to get back toward Burbank. Mulholland is without a doubt the most technical piece of road I’ve ever ridden; the switchbacks and rising altitude, coupled with the rolling back of the coastline cloud cover we’d been riding under all morning made for a dramatic 30 minutes. One of my favorite YouTube channels is almost entirely made up of bikers along this line of asphalt – check it out in the video above.


When I was a senior in college, I took my first trip to Europe. I backpacked all over the UK and crossed over to France for a minute as well. I took that trip with my friend Lisa who sold books door-to-door with me all over the country. I hadn’t seen Lisa since she introduced me to her then fiancee 9 years ago in DC. Since then they’ve been living in Australia and have had 3 kids. What does that have to do with this story? Well 4 months ago, they moved to LA and we were fortunate enough to spend the night with their family. What a great sendoff to head back East! We were greeted with cold beer, BBQ and a full bottle of Blanton’s which Lisa and I nearly polished off before I lost consciousness at 3:30am. Love you Lisa!!


We woke up bright and early, wolfed down some home-cooked breakfast and coffee and headed toward Las Vegas. I’m writing this from my hotel on the strip and am already up $39 in blackjack, so I know you’ll enjoy all the shenanigans in the next post. Stay tuned!

One thought on “LOL Trek West Day 5+6: Beaches and Movie Stars

  1. Lisa

    Thank for the shout-out…was amazing to see you again! Thanks for introducing us to Bling…it was a great 12 hour visit.

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