LOL Trek EAST – The 2 Day Trip Home


There’s something awesome about leaving somewhere at 645am and being a good bit down the road by 830am.

In our case, that good bit ended us up in Kingman, AZ. What neither of us knew at the time was that Kingman is in the middle of one of the largest still-existing stretch of Route 66. After acquiring that little piece of knowledge, we hopped on it and rode it the rest of the day. Apparently Route 66 has been chewed up by I-40, but every so often, it reappears for a few miles as it goes through a little town.

This particular stretch is over 100 miles, and as we’re flying down this road going about 90 miles an hour, we got pulled over by the Indian Nation security forces. That sounds serious, but it was just a guy in a pickup truck – he was irritated with us but after Lee sweet-talked him, we were let go with a warning – and a photograph. If you meet us at Key Bar for our welcome home party on Wednesday, you might even get a signed copy ;-).

Yes, I did get a picture standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ.

I have to give a huge shoutout to Jayla Fuller for calling up the Hotel Albuquerque and booking us a room for the night. We pulled into the ABQ at 11:30pm and the only thing open was … you guessed it … an Applebees. For the second time this trip, we ate at the bar at Applebees. And both times were in New Mexico. What does that tell you?

The first day, we had put over 550 miles on the bikes but we weren’t even halfway home. The next morning while filling up for the ride at 7am, we contemplated the 770 miles that were still ahead of us. Lee was a little pessimistic about how we were going to be feeling at the end of the day and I had to deliver a little piece of Hemati wisdom:

“When faced with inconvenient facts, I just choose to ignore them.”

I wish there was more stuff to talk about on this second day, but in reality, West Texas is just unremarkable in pretty much every way. There is a stretch just below Abiline that’s covered – and I do mean COVERED – with windmills. I felt like Alice in Wonderland for a minute on this little 2 lane road in the middle of this poppy field. Or maybe I’m mixing up my fairy tales. Either way – wow.

Other than that, though, we just watched the miles tick away hour by hour. Another 100 miles. Another stop for gas. And so on and so on.

My brother Russell met us in Lampassas for a refreshing Sonic burger and Diet Coke. Lee split off at Georgetown to meetup with Becky and Russ and I continued to the Drive Thru where we rolled in right around 11:30pm. Off came the saddlebags and windshield.

We had traveled over 3300 miles, all the way to the coast and back. No mechanical incidents. No heat stroke. No drama. I got reconnected to friends I hadn’t seen in years, saw things I had never seen, did things I always wanted to do.

Truly, the trip of a lifetime.

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