Sturgis Road Rash ’13 – Day 1


Time is bleeding together – here we are at the end of Sunday and I’m just now posting the first of the many “Tales of Two Wheels” installments.

So – our story begins at 4:45am on Friday morning. When your’s truly woke from a not-so-deep slumber to put the final touches on his packing for the 10-day trip to South Dakota. And when I say “finishing touches”, I mean “actually begin packing”.

Not to worry – I’m an old-pro at packing and was done in 30 minutes. How complicated can it be? Some underwear, a few pairs of jeans, some socks, boots, deodorant and a toothbrush. #boom All the electronics I used to have to pack are now conveniently included in my iPhone. One charger handles everything. I love technology.

We managed to get all loaded in and on the highway at a decent hour. So decent in fact that we were already at West, TX by the time we were hungry for breakfast. Chris Leonardi FINALLY had his first Czech Stop kolache – you’ll have to tweet at him to see what he thought of it (@hashtagleo) but from the look on his face, he was pretty happy to have crossed something else off his Josh Abbott bucket list.

Watching Lee drive an RV pulling a trailer with 5 motorcycles for 11 hours straight after getting exactly one hour of sleep in the previous 48 hours … scary. But only if you KNOW that he only got one hour of sleep. Otherwise you’re thinking to yourself, “Damn, this guy can drive an RV.” Maybe I’m just easily impressed. Or maybe it was because I was co-piloting from the Captain’s Chair for 90% of the drive. Yeah, probably that.

One of the eye-opening moments of the trip occurred fairly early as we stopped at the first casino we could find in Oklahoma. First of all, their twitter people corrected my “Oklahomans” misnomer (thank guys!) and secondly they take a $.50 rake on every blackjack hand. Leo’s famous comment, “Wait, so the odds are already against me and now you want me to bend over?” didn’t go over so well with the Pit Boss, but hey – we’re from Texas and this isn’t even a real state.

Oklahoma looks a lot like Kansas. Which looks a lot like Nebraska. Which looks a lot like most of South Dakota (sorry Mel!). All the gas stations are alike with the same mixture of coffee-flavored “cappuccino” machines. The only thing that broke up the monotony was the odd “caffeine” creamer. Yes, that’s a creamer you can put into your coffee that actually contains more caffeine. #Nice

I think the grand total of drive time was: Leo = 3 hours, Josh = 45 minutes, Lee = 18.5 hours. Thanks guys for delivering the cargo on time and on schedule. Wait – that’s two ways of saying the exact same thing. Whatever.

Next post – Day 2. Which ironically starts without any sleep.

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