“No Poo” Shampoo Free Diet


My dear friend Shelley T from “The Ham” as we call Birmingham down here has published a shocking (to me) expose on her now one month long journey of NOT washing her hair.

Read it here:

No Poo, Shampoo Free Diet: better for YOU, your wallet, animals as test subjects, and the environment.

Shelley and I have known each other for over 9 years and I have to say I was more shocked that this came from HER than I am even with the content itself.

Hottie Hair

You see, Shelley was a model as a teenager and has been in the “beauty” industry for years. I’ve known her to drop a pretty penny on cremes, shampoos, treatments, masques, and whatever else people drop their dimes on these days. To see her go through this journey is absolutely astounding to me and it’s fun to watch the progress.

I might even try it myself 😉

Thoughts? Anyone interested in doing this for a month? Hollaback in the comments as usual and let me know.

2 thoughts on ““No Poo” Shampoo Free Diet

  1. Emily

    So… does this mean no products at all, conditioner, curl enhancers, straightening creams etc? Or just no shampoo? Because I only “wash” my hair about twice a week as it is….

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