How Do I Get Her Number?


I know several guys who have told me, “Eric, if I could just get into a conversation with a woman – I could get a date. I just have the hardest time thinking of what to say when I walk up to her!”

Since I’ve been working with 44Doors and their QR code-driven iPhone sites, I’ve been thinking about different ways to use them socially. Here’s a GREAT idea: QR codes on bar drink coasters with dares for the person to do, such as “Go up to a woman and tell her… [insert phrase in foreign language]”

The awesome part of this idea is that (unless you’re a linguist) neither party knows what is being said – so it turns into a natural conversation really quickly.

From a Brand standpoint, too, engaging with consumers reinforces whatever marketing message is being promoted and gives off all kinds of positive feelings. The phrases, pickup lines, dares, whatever you want to use are just ways to encourage social interaction associated with the marketing message.

Think that’s memorable? Yep 😉